Horse Racing Bet

Horse racing is one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world. The horse racing bet adds to the enjoyment of the day and makes the racing more exciting. Whats great about the horse racing bet is you only have to invest a small amount of money into your bets to have an enjoyable day. Horse racing is known as the best sport to bet on as the returns can be big. You can place numerous amounts of bets including:

  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Trebles
  • Accumulators
  • Lucky 15
  • Lucky 31
  • Canadian etc.

The great thing about having the option of so many bets, with something as little as a euro/pound you can win big.

a nag bet is a horse racing bet

Types of bets


The Tote is a pool betting system where all profits made go back into horse racing. The money is put into a pool where it is divided by the number of winning units to get a dividend, less a % which goes back into Irish racing. The minimum stake to bet is only €1.


Bookies for your horse racing bet

The Bookmakers is the more popular choice of betting. All you have to do is pick the horse you like, you can go into the betting ring and look at the various bookmakers to see which one will give you the best odds.  This is now even simpler online where you have a choice of bookmakers at a click.  When you bet, your stake you will receive a bet slip which you must keep to present in order to collect your winnings. That is of course that your horse wins. Your stake is also returned with your winnings but not if your horse doesn’t place.  Most of today’s bets are placed through the bookies websites on the internet.

a good horse racing bet has a jockey


The horse racing bet to win means that the horse you picked can only come in first place to earn you any money. If the horse comes in second, third or any other place you do not win anything.

each way

Each Way is the most  popular horse racing bet people use. If you back a horse each way you will get money back if the horse finishes in first, second, third and if there is 16 or more runners in the race you will get placed for fourth as well. As well as that in certain bookies you will get an Extra Place Special so in certain races you will get placed for fifth. . An each way bet will bring you winnings even if your horse is placed.

 Horse racing bet racecard

Race Card for horse racing bet

The race card is one essential tool you need to learn how to read it. A race card has all the vital information you need like:

  • The runners
  • The jockeys
  • The trainers
  • The colours of the jockey’s shirt
  • The colour of the horse
  • Age
  • Form of the horse
  • Number of the horse

and much more essential information.

If you click on this bookmakers site you will get all the information you need as its displayed in a very user friendly format. Every one wants to know whats a good horse racing bet, you will find it at bet365.