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Just because someone you know told you that the only way to make money on the matches is to have a ‘Dundee Special’ doesn’t mean it’s true. First you have to  know what a ‘Dundee Special’ is (a type of bet). I’m sure that if half of what your best friend has told you he’d be a millionaire and he would be providing a football bet of the day to all.  If you have a good feeling about a team and you just want to place a bet on football,  just go for it.  Would you like a tour of our Famous Aviva Stadium,  did you know you can Free Entry to the Stadium with a Dublin Pass Aviva Stadium

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Place bets on on the leagues you watch and follow, as you will have a better understanding of these games. Don’t be tempted to place bets on the Mexican or Peruvian leagues (unless of course you follow them leagues). It will seem like a good idea to bet on these games as there are good returns but you may ultimately regret it.  Do your research on your favourite teams and stick to placing bets on them.  Play bet football by all means and stick to the teams you know

Bets have a price for a reason.

If a team is 50/1 then its probably for a reason. If the bookies are prepared to pay you €50 for every €1 you stake then this team is more then likely not going to win. That’s not to say that 50/1 never come off but it is very unlikely. The bookmaker likes to take between 5% and 10% profit from every transaction, and the higher the odds the more money they get so you can say that only about 1% of 50/1 bets come through. Bookmakers are very successful businesses and its not because they throw money away.  However they do try to create a  reasonably fair playing field as is possible by providing a lot of information to the punter.

Bet Football / bet of the day

Betting can be a social and fun pastime. Read the papers and use your own knowledge for your football tips for the weekend.  You know your enjoying your betting experience when your cheering on your last selection to get the win for you and you like to boast about your winnings to your friends.

Remember you have different options to bet on in football, for example:

  • First Goalscorer
  • Next Goalscorer
  • Final Goalscorer
  • Correct score at full time
  • Correct score at half time
  • Winning Margin
  • Time of goals
  • Clean Sheets
  • Penalty Awarded
  • Own Goals

These are just a few of the bets you can have so you can mix yours bets up a little and you don’t have to be betting on who’s going to win all the time.